100cm x 100cm.
Black matt varnish screen print on black composite aluminium 
Black M2 machine screws.
Black M2 nuts.
Black string.
Matt black frame

From an edition of two
Signed by the artist.
“Drugs suck more than anything else I have ever loved so much” 
Ashly Lorenzana
A study of the negative issues surrounding the use of recreational drugs on a social level. Executed as a response to the demonised smiley symbol, synonymous with the early eighties acid house and rave scene, consequently bridging the connection between the smiley face and the drug, ecstasy. 
The reversal of the smile and the black on black finish allude to consequent dark drug lows. The surrounding pattern constructed from black string, reference geometric structures symbolising the intricacies of life which can often feel as though is caving in.
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