Born, raised and living in London. Attended Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication studying product and furniture design graduating with Hons at the age of 21. I have since worked in fashion and advertising for the last 15 years. 

Throughout my life I have always felt the need to be doing something with a purpose and reason. I'd say it's my driving force. I've never been one to relax. Ending up here seems to be logical given my past in design.

I am currently working towards becoming an experimental artist, choosing to work in which ever media I need to achieve my vision. My approach could be seen as naive and unorthodox as I tend to dive in to the unknown. But this for me generally produces an uncertain and unique result which makes the entire experience exciting. I have used this working method many times throughout my life in various projects which I have tackled with confidence and been hugely rewarded. The way I see it is that if you don't try you'll never get anywhere. So you may as well just give it a go. 

My goal is to produce something ownable and something to share. I hope to leave something worth while behind. A mark to show I was here. My work seems to me the most logical way to do this. 

So this is my work. My on-going project. My interpretation. My something to keep me going. My something that keeps me occupied. Something that I enjoy and something that some people will hopefully enjoy with me.
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